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Neil Jessop's Home Page

Hi I am Neil Jessop and welcome to my website. I am an artist who speciaises in sculpture but also does painting and photography work. I utilise a variety of materials and styles that spring from the wide ranging British, northern European and Mediterranean environments in which I have worked. My output is based principally upon the theme of exploring the linked sectors of security and protection, both of which are strongly represented in the natural and the man-made world.

In addition to providing a commentary on my evolving artistic parameters, this site is designed to promote my work among galleries, art buyers, sponsoring organisations and interested individuals.

I sold a painting to Richard Branson for his ski chalet in Switzerland in December 2007.

Click this link to see it in his millionaire mansion


Latest Work

07.01.21 : Winter

07.01.21 : Winter

06.01.21 : Spring