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Commission Neil Jessop

I am particularly interested in developing 3 areas of work in the near future, namely:-

a) External land art

The illustrations below demonstrate that my sculptures can improve the amenity, the visual qualities and the user appeal of external open spaces such as civic squares, village greens, public parks, company forecourts and private garden ground. Experience has shown that the unique form, materials and workmanship in each sculpture create a natural sense of curiosity, respect and spatial identity. All of these important themes are of great importance in promoting a recognisable sense of quality and individuality to an external open space. In addition, it is possible to intensify the local interest in each work by incorporating specific details such as personal names, initials, corporate logos or text.

b) Internal sculpture

Experience has shown that an individual sculpture within internal spaces such as an entrance hall, a staircase or a passageway can transform the perceived quality of the area beyond all recognition. If appropriate, the impact can be enhanced by the incorporation of either realistic or stylised human figures, animals or historic symbols into the work. These themes always make an important contribution to the generation of a strong sense of corporate identity, commercial appeal and standards of behaviour.

c) Paintings

The kind of colourful, intriguing and stimulating pictures illustrated on my website generate a powerful sense of place within an individual room. Occupants tend to be drawn towards and inspired by such displays, thereby focusing their thoughts upon constructive, forward looking and unifying themes.
This is particularly the case where the painting can be seen to reflect themes such an organisation's colours, logos or desirable commercial qualities.

11 Jun 2009
11 Jun 2009